Growing Points


When we identify and understand our talents, we can begin to see what makes us powerful. You, your team, your business are capable of so much more than you realize — and I’m here with Growing Points to help you achieve it.

Invest time in yourself. Invest time in your team. Become the leader your company deserves. Up-level your influence, your impact.

When you work with me, we’ll build upon the best you have within you.

Grow Yourself

Grow Your Team

I am a

When I look at people, I see two things: Positive potential and powerful possibilities. That potential and those possibilities may seem abstract and difficult to reach — on your own. But with me as your coach, I’ll act as the spark that ignites what you can do and how you can do it. I introduce people to their strengths. I define each of their strengths and what that means for their goals. And we’ll work together to build upon the best you already have within you. I am more than a coach. I am a strengths expert. And when you know your strengths, you’ll become unstoppable.


How can we really know if
we’re leading our lives?

Here’s how: with my expertly crafted LEAD ACCELERATOR assessment.


Write Your Team’s
Success Story

With a deeper look into each team member’s strengths, North Platte Berean Church has been able to reorganize their team in a way that makes for better work. Watch the video to hear how knowing their strengths has impacted their organization for the better.

Contact me today to find out how we can discover your team’s strengths, develop your differences, and create a team of high performing stars!