Grow Yourself

We all have visions for our future. The dream career. The leader you aspire to be. The business you want to start. The degree you think about going back to school for.

Your vision is powerful. It may be clear, or not. You may be on the path to achieving it, but the going seems slow. You may be stuck in a rut, lost on the path, blind to what more you could do.

No matter the stage you’re at, you can achieve great things — with my expert support.

When we work together, you’ll find the focused motivation you’ve needed to move forward. You’ll learn your innate strengths and how to use them. You’ll face the challenges you’ve been avoiding. You’ll be tested and tried, and the leader in you will emerge in unfathomable ways.

You’ll reach your goals and realize new goals you’ve yet to imagine. You’ll capture a vision for a bigger life. Because together, we’re better.



Action attracts opportunity. But you don’t have to journey alone. After years of studying and living John Maxwell’s leadership and Gallup Strengths philosophies, I forged these programs to best serve individuals who want to lead their self, their team, and their company to their potential.

Discover the experience that fills you with visions of what’s to come, and join me as we move toward it.


You are

A woman who wants to become more but struggles with feeling more stuck than satisfied

We focus on

Empowering and expanding your perspective so you create breakthroughs for yourself instead of barriers.

We collaborate

For 10 group sessions of 5-8 women

You’ll discover

Deep connection, invaluable support, and the freedom to move forward personally and professionally with courage, confidence, and commitment.


You are

A high achieving Company Leader/Business Owner seeking to up-level your game and create meaningful peer relationships with people who get it

We focus on

Evolving your leadership to catalyze epic results.

We collaborate

Once a month as a mastermind of
5-8 leaders

You’ll discover

Explosive growth through an exclusive community of like-minded peers committed to pushing each other higher

One-on-One Coaching

You are

In a transitional stage of life

We focus on

Understanding and maximizing your potential using your CliftonStrengths results as we work together toward the success you desire

We collaborate

Twice a month by phone for 6-12 months

You’ll discover

Epic clarity in who you are, keys to confidently lead your life, unwavering support and accelerated growth in all areas

What is strength-based development?

This method of business coaching helps you understand and see yourself in a way you couldn’t comprehend before with the help of  StrengthsFinder. We focus on the top strengths you naturally bring to your business, your teams and your life. I’ll help you understand what each of your strengths means in terms of the way you work, the goals you have, and the relationships you foster. And together, we’ll develop your strengths so you can achieve greater fulfillment.

“A leader needs to know his strengths as a carpenter knows his tools, or as a physician knows the instruments at her disposal. What great leaders have in common is that each truly knows his or her strengths — and can call on the right strength at the right time.” —Don Clifton, Psychologist and Business Executive